Service Request

Repair Notification

You must notify us of any repairs needed, no matter how minor they seem. Please call 262-473-7300 for emergency repairs. All other regular maintenance requests can be made using the service request form. Please make sure that all repairs are reported in a timely manner, as an ignored repair can become a larger project. Any repair which goes unreported, thereby causing further damage to the Leased Premises, may incur charges to your account. We must have access to the Leased Premises to perform any repairs or maintenance.

Requesting Repair Service

Please fill out the Service Request Form as possible.

Be specific in your request. Give us detail on the problem and the location in the building where the problem exists. This will help us in getting the problem resolved quickly.

We normally give at least a 12 hour notice of when repairmen will be entering the building and performing the repairs. Normal notice is given by door hanger and / or email.

If you believe the repair should be handled sooner, check the box waiving the 12 hour notice so that we can get repairmen in the building sooner.

Emergency Repair Requests

For urgent Repair Requests please call 262-473-7300.
If you get a recording, press x1 and hold on the line.
Your call will be answered by the on-call person.

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